AA Flashlights' Dream Flashlights

My dream flashlights, if they existed, would be these single-mode neutral-white lights with hidden turbo and firefly.

Batteries On Turbo Firefly Flood
1 x AAA 50lm/2.4hours 100lm/1.2hours 1lm/days 50%
1 x AA 100lm/3hours 200lm/1.5hours 1lm/days 40%
2 x AA 100lm/6hours 200lm/3hours 1lm/days 40%

Short button press would turn them On/Off. Long button press would toggle between On-Turbo or Off-Firefly.

No memory. No strobe. No beacon. No SOS. No PWM. No color LED. No zoom. No timer. No programmable levels. No low battery indicator. No nothing, just a simple flashlight.

If you know such flashlights please let me know :-)

AA Flashlights